Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be here without the loving support of our mothers and for that, we need to say thank you this Mother’s Day. However, before we became reasonable and appreciative adults, our moms took us to soccer practice, basketball try-outs, or in my case, golf lessons (the sad truth). As members of the car counter-culture, even as kids our modes of transportation were important. So here are the best mom-mobiles from the ‘90s and their associated stereotypes.

The Classy Republican

Chevrolet/GMC Suburban

The staple of the middle-class mother, the Suburban could fit-in just about anywhere: from black-tie fundraisers to the public school carpool line.

The Utilitarian

Plymouth Voyager / Dodge Caravan / Chrysler Town & Country


When your mother’s priority is function vs. form, the early minivans from Detroit were sure to be parked under your basketball hoop.

The Single Mom

Nissan Altima


A sensible, reliable, and economical vehicle is the only answer for the mom who does it all.

The Wagon Lover (American)

Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable


As a kid, there’s nothing like sitting in the rear-facing third row while your mother hollers for you to stop making inappropriate gestures at other drivers.

The Wagon Lover (European)

Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Just because your mother likes to play tennis and has a subtle appreciation for luxury doesn’t mean she can’t compromise.

The Adventurer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer


Gas is cheap and faux wood paneling is cool, that’s why your mom drove a Grand Wagoneer. Oh, and she likes to go camping and isn’t afraid of cross-country road trips either.

The Weird Kid’s Mom

Saab 900 4 Door


For some reason, the weird kid’s mom always had the most interesting cars. What you didn’t know is that kid who was a serial nose-picker had well traveled and well heeled parents.

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